Archaeological Sites in Anatolia

Anatolia, due to its favorable geographical and strategic location, has been long home to many ancient civilizations of the past. We don't know exactly how many ancient sites are available on the land, but we know that there are too many. Too many to identify and dig. An ancient site might be a small village with a population of a few hundred or a sizable town of 5,000 people or a city with as many as 500,000 people. Some of the sites have been settled by different successive civilizations and they may have - as in the case of Troy that was the site of nine different civilizations- many layers of settlements dating from different periods of time. Some of them have been constantly settled since ancient times and are being used today .

Some sites, although they have been mentioned by the ancient writers in their books, have not been located yet and some other are occupied by modern villages and towns. On the other hand, Anatolia has many well preserved great sites of Antiquity, such as Ephesus, Pergamum, Aphrodisias, Hierapolis Miletus, Perge etc. When one walks through the streets of these sites and looks around, it is not quite different than what they had looked like in ancient times.

We have chosen to classify the ancient sites here by geographical locations rather than by civilization or by age, because the sites of the same geographical areas will have more common character.

Many of the sites which were excavated so far have been accurately identified and well defined by archaeologists. We would like to thank them all here for their great efforts.