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This web site has been designed for educational purposes to serve average audience, but I hope and believe that many scholars and experts will find some useful information, pictures and maps. This is a brief introduction to ancient history and civilizations of Anatolia and I do not make any claims here that the content of this web site is the most complete and the most comprehensive one, therefore, I will be glad to accept any criticism and suggestions you might like to make about any information given in this site. Nevertheless, I just would like to share my study notes with the readers who might be interested in ancient history of Anatolia.

In this web site, I focus on the early history of Anatolia, beginning from the Palaeolithic age to the end of Hellenistic Period. Therefore successive Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires are not included here. However, as the time permits and when I have them ready, I am going to publish my study notes on these later civilizations in a separate section “Imperial Anatolia”. 

Basically much of the information given here in this site is based on my study notes that I have compiled over the years and on my extensive study trips to ancient sites in and outside Turkey. I also feel myself so much indebted to my teachers, friends and colleagues who had either joined me on my travels or shared their knowledge with me in the various fields of archaeology and history. I also enjoyed very much, sharing my modest and limited sources of knowledge with people on my lectures that I have given on occasions in various cities and at ancient sites.

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